Diva Histerya (lady_nevermore) wrote in jerome_pradon,
Diva Histerya

3 Radicals

I was innocently lurking around on myspace music when I found this fun site. Note the capital "Jerome Pradon" in the Band Members section.
Does he have a secret rock star twin brother ...with the same first name? (I do realize the chance of that is not very big, yes.)
Does anyone know what this is?
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Christ on a stick!

I'm not going mad, that IS him singing? Can other people listen and provide any thoughts...

Without any pictures it's hard to be absolutely certain...

Those 'All over NOW's are very familiar...

No, I'm listening again and I'd almost swear that's him.

I know, I listened to it like a million times (and forced my mother to listen too, poor woman).
The voice is *so* him, not to mention the way he sings, how he tends to really pronounce the last letter of a word...

Is this so cool or what? =o :D

I knew compulsive googling and searching for people's names would eventually pay off some day... :D
there's no question, it's definitely jerome.
It is Jerome.
You can hear samples on his site: http://jeromepradon.com/en/multimedia.html

Never heard about the "3 radicals" (?), though.
I know. :)

Yes, it's funny how on his website he seems too be taking all the credit himself... Ah well.
Sorry, I've just noticed it's old discussion:)
It's very interesting, btw, about this group... Did they released any album at least? Couldn't find info. I'd like to hear it :)
It's ok. :) Unfortunately, most of the discussions in this community are pretty old... it's nt the most active of places.
No, I don't think so. When I've googled all I've found is the myspace page, and I'm guessing that if they do release an album they'll advertise it there.