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More Judas fanfiction (multi-chapter prequel and re-telling of JCS 2000)

A Sordid Kind of Thing”

Disclaimer: I do not own Jesus Christ Superstar, nor do I own the Bible. I am not too concerned with historical inaccuracies, because I’m basing this story on a musical, and also for other reasons which will soon become quite obvious...

Author‘s Note and Warning: This story contains slash, suicide, murder, angst, sexual content, and profanity. This story describes same-sex relationships between biblical persons! I do not believe these people were historically gay; instead, I am basing this fanfiction on the 2000 film remake of Jesus Christ Superstar (because Jerome Pradon is made of awesome, and there is undeniable sexual tension in JCS 2000). Flames will be ignored, but any other comments are welcome and encouraged!

~Click Here to read my fanfic, posted to FFN, 10 chapters~

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