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I dreamt this a couple of weeks ago, but I'm must now getting around to blogging about it.  This dream is clearly the result of watching too many YouTube videos of Jerome Pradon as the narrator of LA MARCHE DES DINOSAURES in Paris.

I dreamed that I went to see LA MARCHE DES DINOSAURES with my friends Mary and Candace.  We were sitting in the balcony of what looked like a large cinema.  The mechanical dinosaurs roamed the entire place, and were actually some sort of threat to the audience. 

Jerome Pradon walked through the audience, giving out random items for people to use to protect themselves, as we all tried to hide from the dinosaurs.  He gave me what looked like a metal tray or serving platter to use as defense.  I bragged to Mary and Candace that Jerome had given me a better defense item than most other people received (some people only got plastic forks, for example).

Then, the audience noticed that Jerome's pants were basically assless chaps.  The audience laughed hysterically, and Jerome laughed, too.  I was bewildered by the whole thing, because it didn't look like what you can see in the YouTube video of scenes from the play F-X, in which you actually can see part of Jerome's butt.

Suddenly, Jerome announced that there was a gunman in the theatre, and and we all had to hide, or we would be shot.  People kept asking him if the gunman was just another part of the show, or if some deranged person with a gun had really gotten in.  Jerome just laughed, and refused to answer.

Candace and I hid under a table in the lobby, but Mary somehow got lost.  I was debating going out to look for her, but that's when I woke up.

The End!
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