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Jerome Pradon Facebook Group.

So, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely woman who runs the English side of Jerome Pradon’s official website. The formerly-official forum on that website has been overrun by spam lately, so she wanted to know if the hereby-linked Facebook group could be linked to take the place of the formerly-official forum on Jerome’s official website. She had even contacted Jerome Pradon himself, and he said he was fine with the FB group being linked to his official website.

It just so happens, I created and am administrator of the hereby-linked Facebook group for fans of Jerome Pradon.

So, of course, I gave permission for my FB group of Jerome Pradon fans to be linked to Jerome’s official website.

Now, when you click “forum” on the official Jerome website you’ll be linked to the Facebook group I personally created and for which I am administrator.

No words can describe my moments of SQUEE!!!!
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