phantomdaae1981 (phantomdaae1981) wrote in jerome_pradon,

Answers to the Intro Questions.

Name: PhantomDaae1981 (my real name is Kelly).

Occupation: Nothing (I receive social security due to depression, etc).

Fave Jerome Musical(s): Jesus Christ Superstar, closely followed by Crime of Passion (I have the c.d.; I wasn't lucky enough to have seen it onstage).

Fave Musical(s): In general? Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Rent, Jekyll and Hyde, Miss Saigon (I suppose a couple of those could go in the "Jerome Musical" section, but I haven't seen/heard enough of him in Les Mis or Miss Saigon).

What drew you to Jerome?: Um, should I be honest? Hehe. I had always liked JCS, and I was trying to find various videos to watch on YouTube. I didn't recognize the 2000 version, so I clicked on "Heaven On Their Minds" to see what the 2000 version was like. I thought it was, well, slashy. And I like slash. After a dozen or so viewings, I thought to myself: "This guy playing Judas is kind of sexy. I wonder who he is." So, I searched Google, and was even more intrigued when I found out he's French. I decided to look into his other work, and I quickly became a fan. I've been a fan for a year now.
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