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Amusing Dream.

When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?

I am prone to severe nightmares in general, but last night, I had a rather funny dream instead.  And, it's kind of relevent, because it involved Jerome Pradon.

Keep in mind, this insanity is from my unconscious!   None of this is real, obviously.

...The Dream...

The biggest newspaper in my city is called The Columbus Dispatch.  I dreamed that I was reading the Arts section of The Dispatch, and I saw that there was going to be a moderately large production of Les Miserables staged in my city.  The article in the newspaper was really long, and I started to read it, because I'm a big fan of Les Mis.  The article said that a French actor had come to our city to direct this production; the article went on to name the actor: Jerome Pradon! 

Of course, I was very excited!  The article said that not only was Jerome Pradon directing this production of Les Mis, but he was also playing three different roles in the show:  Javert, ensemble male character, and ensemble female character (they had a picture of him dressed as one of the prostitutes in "Lovely Ladies"). 

Later on in the article, there was an interview with Jerome Pradon.  The journalist who did the interview wrote that Jerome Pradon was sarcastic and rude, simply due to being French.  This made me angry, because I don't like it when people make generalizations about various nationalities.

I logged onto the official Jerome Pradon message forum to tell the people there about the newspaper article, and about the special production of Les Miserables.  Dozens of people responded, saying they were coming from all over the world to see the show, and they thanked me for posting the information.

Then, I panicked, because I had not yet bought my own tickets for the show, and I was afraid that everybody else would see the show, and I myself would not, despite living in the city where it was taking place.

Then, I woke up.  LOL.
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